Outdoor gyms

A number of outdoor gyms are located in parks and open spaces around Calderdale. The equipment is low impact and includes a variety of exercises that anyone can try. Instructions on how to use outdoor gym equipment , are attached to the equipment.

Note: Remember to stretch before and after exercising.

Outdoor gym equipment

Beechwood Park

The equipment is near the football pitches and BMX track. It includes: trim trail section and two outdoor gym stations (three activities on each).

Boxhall Recreation Ground

A fitness zone is in the recreation ground.

Centre Vale Park

The gym is near the mini-bike cycle-way and bowling greens. It includes mini and standard items, which are suitable for adults and children. A recent addition includes a fitness zone, offering more equipment to challenge users. Instructions on 'how to use' is on the equipment item.

Copley Recreation Ground

The gym here has three items of equipment.

Outdoor gym equipment

Crow Wood Park

The gym is located near the main gates and entrance. It includes a large variety of equipment. The gym replaced the old 'Trim Trail' equipment and was completed in January 2013.

Hebble Trail

This popular walking, cycling and running route has a number of outdoor gym stations now installed along the route. The equipment includes a variety of stations for different abilities.

Hullen Edge Recreation Ground

This dedicated outdoor gym area includes a large variety of equipment. The gym will be located in the recreation ground near the football fields.

Manor Heath Park

The gym is located near the Flutterbites Café and behind the play area. This was the first outdoor gym, installed in 2011. It includes six double stations, varying in difficulty, from an easy 'Thai Chi' station to a challenging 'Pull-ups' station.

New Bond Street

The gym was installed in this small community garden in October 2013. It includes: cross trainer, ski cross trainer and a double lateral pull down.

Outdoor gym equipment

Ripponden Wood Recreation Ground

The gym is located on the grass area opposite the play area and was installed in November 2013. It includes: cross trainer, hand cycle, double-seated rower and a double shoulder press.

Threeways Centre, Illingworth

As part of the site transformation from The Ridings School which was closed in 2009, to the new community-led social enterprise called Threeways Centre. A brand new outdoor gym with a number of fitness stations has been added to their broad range of facilities.

Wellholme Park, Brighouse

The gym is located near Thornhill Beck picnic area. The equipment includes: seated cycle, hand cycle, double chest press, bench press and a double shoulder press.

Calder Holmes Park, Hebden Bridge

The gym is located near the Cafe in the park. The equipment includes: seated cycles (two types), hand cycle, leg press, multi-use steps, chest press and an abdominal bench. The park also features distance plates installed along the path around the football field which allow walkers and joggers to measure their workout distances. A sign is in place near the gym which includes a map and directions.

Northowram Recreation Ground

The gym is located next to the tennis courts. It includes: shoulder press, exercise bike, skier, cross trainer and a seated cycle.

More information

Safer Cleaner Greener have worked with local community groups and the local NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) to install these outdoor gyms. Some funding is provided by the PCT to help improve outdoor spaces, for the benefit of Calderdale residents.

If you would like to know more about the outdoor gyms across Calderdale, contact: Safer Cleaner Greener .


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