Event hosting and filming permissions

If you wish to hold an event in Calderdale’s public open spaces, including the highway, or if you wish to film in Calderdale, you need appropriate permission.

From Street Parties through to Large public events

Plan early. Depending on the nature and scale of your event, applications need to be submitted in good time between 40 and 90 days prior to the event / when you need an answer.  This isn’t to say that the planning for an event shouldn’t start much earlier and for large or complex events this could be 12 months or more in advance.

Street Parties

Street Parties and events which:

  • are for residents / neighbours only;
  • are publicised to residents only;
  • are held on quiet streets or roads which when closed will have minimal impact on non-residents;
  • are self-organised.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has produced some useful guidance for potential organisers of small, private (residents and neighbours only) street parties in a residential setting: Your guide to organising a street party.

In these cases, insurance, formal risk assessments and licenses are not normally required (if any music is incidental and no selling is involved). The Council does not want or require you to do anything additional to the guidance produced by the Government, and we want you to have a safe and successful event.

If you believe your street party (or event) falls into the categories listed, use the application form included in the guide to let us know about your event. This is required to follow Government advice. Complete the form and return it by post to the Events and Licencing Officer.

Applications usually take up to 40 days to process as you are likely to need a formal notice to close the road.

For further advice and guidance contact the Events and Film Office.

Small to Large public events

If your event will:

  • be open to people other than residents and neighbours,
  • be held in a public place,
  • be publicly advertised,
  • impact on the highway network or other road users, etc,

In these cases the requirements differ and you will have to submit an event application to the Council. The following attachments include an Event Application Form, an Event Application Guide and other documents designed to assist with event planning and the submission of appropriate information:

Whether or not the event has happened previously if you are new to the Event Application process you are advised to contact the Events and Film Office at the earliest opportunity.

Note: other permissions may be required.

Our aim is to ensure that the process is reasonable, and proportionate to the scale and nature of your event.


Calderdale Council welcomes filming to the area and is committed to facilitating film and television production wherever possible.

Appreciably there are no laws to prevent filming on public streets. However, causing an obstruction or placing materials on the highway or on street furniture without an appropriate permission is an offence. If the Council is not aware that you will be filming in the area, there is a chance that you may be asked to stop.

To raise the Councils awareness, ensure your production runs smoothly and or make specific requests you are required to submit either a Notification or a Filming Application form.  If you have specific requirements such as those relating to traffic management then time is of the essence if to enable the Council to support your request(s)

For enquiries including locations, or to seek advice on any of the above, please contact the Evens and Film Office


  • Username Peter Vardy, Events and Licensing Officer/Morgan Emily Crosland, Apprentice Event Support Officer
  • Email eventsandfilm@calderdale.gov.uk
  • Telephone 01422 384796/393212
  • Address
    The Events and Film Office
    Strategy and Regeneration
    C/O Spring Hall Mansion (Register Office)
    Huddersfield Road, Halifax
    HX3 0AQ