Godfrey Road allotments

The Council owns 36 allotment sites and over 700 plots across the borough. They can be used to grow your own vegetables, soft fruit and herbs. Working on an allotment is a great way to socialise, exercise, develop your horticultural skills and enjoy the fresh air.

Applying for an allotment

Applications for allotments vary slightly depending on the type of site. There is a high demand for allotment plots, with waiting lists present on all allotment sites. your preferred sites must be stated upon application. Half sized plots are sometimes offered to prospective tenants to create more manageable plots.


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The rent for a standard plot (250 square metres) on Calderdale Council managed sites is £50.76 per year. Rents vary according to plot size and smaller plots will be charged at a lower rate. Passport to Leisure holders who have a plot on Council managed sites are eligible for a 40% discount. This price does not include charges for water, which is currently £16.60 per plot per year. There is also a one off £30 (now £40) administration charge for new plot holders.

Types of allotment

  • Self-managed allotment sites.16 of the Council owned allotment sites are managed by allotment associations which have been set up by local people. These associations manage their own waiting lists and collection of rentals. Applications need to go directly to the relevant allotment association - see Allotment garden sites.
  • Council managed sites. Waiting lists and rents are managed by the Council. Applications should go to the Allotments Officer, stating exactly which sites are being applied for, see: Allotment garden sites.
  • Private allotment sites. There are a small number of private sites within Calderdale. These sites are not owned or managed by the Council. For more details, visit:  National Allotment Society .

Once you have chosen your preferred site, contact our Lettings Assistant, details above. If your chosen site is self-managed then your details will be passed onto the site secretary who will contact you directly. As a plot becomes vacant the person at the top of the list for that site will be contacted. It is important that you keep us or the Association updated with any changes in your contact details.

New plot holders will be required to sign an agreement setting out the rules for their tenancy of an allotment. Failure to comply with this agreement can lead to the tenancy being terminated. The agreements may differ on self-managed sites but should comply with the Allotments Act and clearly set out the rules for the site. None cultivation is the most common reason for an allotment tenancy being terminated.

Disposal of allotment waste

This document sets out requirements for allotment holders in relation to waste disposal on Council allotment sites.

Calderdale Leisure Gardeners Association

This holds quarterly meetings at which there is a representative from the council, site secretaries from self managed sites and some plot holders from Council managed sites. These meetings are to inform plot holders of the progress on any issues regarding allotments from a national level down to local level. It is an opportunity to talk to other plot holders, members and officers of the council or the Leisure Gardeners Secretary on allotment issues.

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