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A number of maps in the collection have been digitised as part of Weaver to Web: online visual archive of Calderdale history, the website created with support from the Big Lottery Fund.

Community libraries with map collections

Brighouse, Elland, Hebden Bridge, RastrickSowerby Bridge, Todmorden.

Maps available at Central Library

The Local Studies section in the Central Reference Library, Halifax, has a large collection of local and regional maps, along with parish register and geological Maps.

Individual maps 1325 -1797

Date Title
1325-50 Facsimile of the ancient map of Great Britain (Bodleian Library, Oxford)
1577 SAXTON: Yorkshire
1599 SAXTON: Map of the Luddenden Valley
1610 SAXTON: West Riding of Yorkshire, eight miles to one inch
1611 SPEED: England – four volumes (bound), volume four covers Yorkshire
1614 SAXTON Robert: A plan of Hullenedge
1670 BLOME, Richard: Map of Yorkshire with its divisions and hundreds, coat of arms of Lord Fairfax
167? OGILBY: Continuation of the extended road from Oakenham in Rutland to Richmond
1720 OGILBY and BOWEN: Road map published in 'Britania Depicta or Ogilby Improved; Being a Correct Copy of Mr Ogilby's Actual Survey of all ye direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales
1741 MOLL: West Riding of Yorkshire
1758 EYES: Plan of the part of the River Calder that lies between Sowerby Bridge and Halifax Brooksmouth, four miles to one inch
1765 Plan of the River Calder from Brooksmouth to Sowerby Bridge
1775 JEFFERYS: County of York surveyed in 1767, 1768, 1769 and 1770, one inch to one mile
1794 Canal from Liverpool to Leeds
1797 MOORE: Town and township of Halifax: eight chains to one inch


Individual maps 1800 - 1900

Date Title
1817 Yorkshire Ancient Parishes and Chapelries. Maps based on Harry Teesdales's 'Yorkshire' 1817 -1842 and George Lawton's 1842
1821 FOWLER: Plan of the Town of Leeds
1822 BAINES: East and North Ridings of Yorkshire
1822 BAINES: West Riding and Ainsty
1822 BAINES: Plan of Sheffield
1823 Kingston upon Hull and environs
1824 Plan of the Township of Rastrick
1825 Town and Township of Halifax
1827 DAY,T: Plan of the town and township of Halifax, four chains to one inch
1827 ARNOTT and WASHINGTON: Township of Halifax
1833 KEMP and SOWERBY: Borough of Halifax, approximately six and three quarter inches to one mile
1834-5 MYERS: Parish of Halifax, approximately two and a half inches to one mile
1835 DAY: County Series reproduction
1842 RAWSON: Plan of the borough of Halifax, approximately one inch to 300 feet:
1847 Halifax (County Series) reproduction
1847-9 The Roads across Blackstone Edge (from original 6 inch survey of 1947-9)
1850? Township of Halifax: Development between 1797 and 1850
1877 Part of Kelly's Directory (380 KEL)
1878 Map accompanying book 'West Yorkshire' by Davis and Lees (554.274 DAV)
1885 Borough of Halifax: Showing ward boundaries
1898 Halifax and Huddersfield: one inch to one mile, sheet 77
1898 Clitheroe, Nelson and Colne: one inch to one mile, sheet 68

Individual maps 1900 to present

Date Title
c1900 STODDARD: Halifax - showing tram routes
1922 Halifax Corporation Bill: Savile Estate showing Heptonstall Moor with parts of Widdop and Wadsworth Moor
1922 Halifax Corporation: Hand plan showing the Corporation's water supply area
1924 Halifax Corporation: Hand plan showing proposed cooling towers and raft
1924 Halifax Corporation Bill: Hand plan showing the present site of electricity works (pink) and the land proposed to be acquired (blue)
1928 Area added to the Borough of Halifax by the Halifax Extension Order, 1928
1934-5 Ordnance Survey (OS): Map for the Halifax Extension Bill
1939 Inland Waterways of England
1945 County Borough of Halifax Housing Acts 1936-44, Page Hill and Tewit Lane temporary housing sites (on undated base map)
1954-6 Plans for Friendly and Trades Club (incorp. Library)
1955 Plans for King Cross Library conversion of former 235 and 237 King Cross Road
1959 Halifax, Town of Many Trades - based on painting of 1959
1964 Proposed county district amalgamating Brighouse Metropolitan Borough and Elland Urban District
1961-70 Halifax County Borough ward/polling district map
1967 Goad Plan: Halifax, revised 1994
1969 Queensbury and Shelf showing green belt, areas for development, etc (on 1955 base map)
1972 Halifax passenger transport traffic routes
1972 Ordnance Survey West Yorkshire Administrative areas diagram showing boundaries under Local Government Act 1977 and parliamentary constituencies 1974
2000 Goad Plan: Todmorden, published 2001
2001 Goad Plan: Brighouse
2001 Goad Plan: Halifax, published 2002

Individual maps - undated

  • Yorkshire Electric Power Company
  • Environs of Halifax
  • Cash Supply Stores Ltd, Halifax
  • Burnett: The Calder and Hebble Navigation, a pictorial waterways map
  • Day and Son: Plan of the township of Elland, 20 inches to one mile
  • Plan of the City of York
  • Cary: Yorkshire
  • Cary: Southern part of the West Riding
  • Cary: North part of West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway and its connections (two scales)
  • Queensbury and Shelf showing green belt and areas for redevelopment (based on 1955 map)
  • The Calder and Hebble navigation
  • Leeds and Whitehall Turnpike Road (with its branches)
  • Ogilby, John: The road from York to Westchester

Sets / part sets of maps

Map Scale Area
1850 Ordnance Survey (OS) 5 feet to one mile Calderdale
1854 OS (some bound) Six inches to one mile Calderdale
1870 Halifax Survey 176 inches (14.7 feet) to one mile Halifax, Boothtown, Wheatley (not comprehensive coverage)
1874 Geological overlaid on 1854 map Six inches to one mile North and East Calderdale
1887 Goad Plans (bound) One inch to 40 feet Halifax
1890s OS 127 inches (10.56 feet) to one mile Halifax, Brighouse, Elland, Hebden Bridge and Todmorden
1893/4 OS Six inches to one mile Calderdale
1893/4 OS 25 inches to one mile Calderdale (parts)
1907/08 OS 25 inches to one mile Calderdale
1921 OS 25 inches to one mile Calderdale
1933 OS 25 inches to one mile Calderdale
1949 Surface utilisation survey overlaid on 1930s map 25 inches to one mile Calderdale(parts)
1955 OS Six inches to one mile Calderdale
1955/6 OS: Rights of Way Six inches to one mile Calderdale
1960s OS 25 inches to one mile Calderdale(parts)
1985 OS: Rights of Way Six inches to one mile Calderdale
1960s-80s OS 25 inches to one mile & 50 inches to one mile Calderdale
Conclusive Maps of Registered Common Land and Open Country, 2004 1:25,000 reduced Calderdale

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