British Newspaper Archive

The British Newspaper Archive is an online digital archive. It allows you to explore over 200 years of British and Irish history through the medium of historical newspapers.

There are a wide range of local and national newspapers available, some covering Yorkshire.

The site can be accessed free of charge at the following libraries:

The British Newspaper Archive enables you to browse and search for:

  • obituaries;
  • family notices;
  • news items;
  • advertisements;
  • court cases;
  • bankruptcy notices and much more!

A rich and invaluable resource, whether you are researching your family history, or historical events.

If you wish to use and book in advance, to ensure access at a time of your choice, please phone the library.

Once in the library, speak to a member of staff, who will log you onto the site.

Note: Coverage varies from title to title.


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