Birth, marriage and death records

Birth, marriage and death records can help trace your family back through time. You can find the records in several different ways.

Local newspapers

The Central Library in Halifax holds a wide range of local newspapers on microfilm. One such paper is the Halifax Guardian, published from December 1832 to April 1921. Over a six year period, library volunteers indexed the birth, marriage and death notices for the entire period of the Halifax Guardian’s existence. Grateful thanks are due to them and also to Calderdale Family History Society who converted their files for the website. The index is now available below for you to make use of, see: (PDFMore about the Index [PDF 277KB] .

Note: Births, marriages and deaths during the years of World War One (1914-18) were indexed for another Libraries’ project. This was using the Halifax Weekly Courier, rather than the Halifax Guardian. These records have been re-used for the ‘Guardian’ index. This means that page numbers for 1914-18 relate to the Courier and not the Guardian. The Courier Index is also available, with the newspapers themselves, on our Weaver to Web site, see: World War One newspapers .

The Halifax Guardian index is arranged alphabetically by surname, then first name. Open the file you need and either scroll down or use the bookmarks to help you find your entry.

If you find the person you are looking for in the index, you can visit the Central Library to see the entry in the newspaper. Alternatively, you can email to request a copy (for a small charge) or to ask for transcribed details of the entry. This email address should also be used if you have any queries about the Index.

Note: We have made every effort to correct errors in transcription, but with 394,000 entries, there may be some. The original newspaper should be regarded as the definitive source.

A - F:

PDFAaron to Anyon; [PDF 549KB]PDFApedaile to Ayton; [PDF 467KB]PDFBabington to Barwise; [PDF 858KB]PDFBason to Bezeine; [PDF 740KB]PDFBibbey to Bozeat; [PDF 857KB]PDFBrabbs to Bryne; [PDF 936KB]PDFBuchan to Bywater; [PDF 373KB]PDFCabbage to Cirbetson; [PDF 681KB]PDFClack to Clyons; [PDF 470KB]PDFCoa to Coyle; [PDF 609KB]PDFCrabb to Cryer; [PDF 936KB]PDFCubbin to Cutts; [PDF 180KB]PDFDa Silveira to Dixon; [PDF 658KB]PDFDobb to Dyson Hoyle; [PDF 508KB]PDFEackersley to Eyre; [PDF 570KB]PDFFaber to Fitzsimons; [PDF 796KB]PDFFlaherty to Fynn; [PDF 550KB]

G - L:

PDFGab to Glynn; [PDF 696KB]PDFGoadby to Greenup; [PDF 390KB]PDFGreenway to Gysin; [PDF 836KB]PDFHaach to Happy; [PDF 782KB]PDFHaran to Hazzlewood; [PDF 633KB]PDFHead to Hezling; [PDF 674KB]PDFHibberd to Hiyho; [PDF 468KB]PDFHoadley to Hopwood; [PDF 804KB]PDFHoran to Hyslop; [PDF 729KB]PDFI'Anson to Ivison; [PDF 353KB]PDFJack to Justice; [PDF 620KB]PDFKaagan to Kyzor; [PDF 611KB]PDFLabars to Leyson; [PDF 536KB]PDFLiberty to Lythe; [PDF 669KB]

M - R:

PDFM to Mayson; [PDF 677KB]PDFMcAdams to Mitton; [PDF 902KB]PDFM'Laren to Mytton; [PDF 470KB]PDFNaassens to Nyman; [PDF 734KB]PDFO'Brien to Oxtoby; [PDF 383KB]PDFPace to Phythian; [PDF 572KB]PDFPichet to Pyram; [PDF 739KB]PDFQuael to Quon; [PDF 96KB]PDFRabbit to Rizzy; [PDF 818KB]PDFRoach to Rynn; [PDF 700KB]

S - Z:

PDFSacken to Shay; [PDF 881KB]PDFShea to Sly; [PDF 489KB]PDFSmail to Sowter; [PDF 720KB]PDFSpain to Styring; [PDF 867KB]PDFSuart to Suty; [PDF 778KB]PDFSwailes to Synott; [PDF 338KB]PDFTab to Tewster; [PDF 521KB]PDFThacker to Thwaites; [PDF 543KB]PDFTibbets to Tyzaker; [PDF 564KB]PDFUdall to Uttridge; [PDF 161KB]PDFVainham to Vyse; [PDF 156KB]PDFWaage to Waddington; [PDF 720KB]PDFWamm to Warburton; [PDF 435KB]PDFWhaerty to Whalin; [PDF 695KB]PDFWickham to Widdop; [PDF 694KB]PDFWodehouse to Woffinden; [PDF 697KB]PDFYale to Zust [PDF 121KB]

National records

All Calderdale libraries provide free access to the Ancestry (library edition) website. There you can find the General Register Office (GRO) reference, which you need to apply for a copy of any birth, marriage or death certificate.

Note: Civil registration began in July 1837. Certificates cannot be obtained for events before this date and Ancestry runs to 2005.

We regret that library staff do not have the resources to undertake searches on behalf of enquirers.

Burial and cremation records

If you need help to locate the burial place of your loved ones, Deceased online could help you in your search.

Deceased Online offer the following records on their website:

  • digital scans of burial and cremation registers;
  • computerised records of burials and cremations (where registers are not available);
  • details of those buried in each grave;
  • cemetery maps indicating the area for each grave location; and
  • some photographs of memorials and headstones.

Obtaining copy certificates

Details of costs and how to apply for certificates, are available from the Reference Library or by visiting the GRO: Certificate ordering service .

For certificates relating to local births and deaths you can apply online Request copy certificates , by post, or in person to Calderdale Register Office.


If you want a certificate without searching the indexes yourself, the GRO does offer this service. The charge for this service is higher than when the reference is known. Follow the link above or contact the GRO at:

  • Username General Register Office (certificates)
  • Email
  • Telephone 0300 1231837
  • Address
    Certificate Services Section
    General Register Office
    PO Box 2
    PR8 2JD


The GRO website also gives information about applying for overseas certificates. It also provides links to help you obtain certificates for events in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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