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The Access to Research service provides free access, from any Calderdale library, to a wealth of academic research.

Access to Research is the result of a unique collaboration between librarians and publishers. Researchers, students and the public across the UK can access over 10 million of the world’s leading online academic papers. These cover a wide range of subjects, which include:

  • architecture;
  • business;
  • engineering;
  • history;
  • languages;
  • politics;
  • mathematics;
  • science; and much more.

Accessing and using the site

To use Access to Research, you will need to accept the service's terms and conditions. This includes an agreement not to 'save' any content. Please note: While you can view the full text of many articles, some will just be a summary or review. This service is only available from your local library .

To start your search, visit: Access to Research .


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