Working in Social Care

If you like working with people, social work and social care work can offer a worthwhile job. It could also turn into a rewarding career.

We offer opportunities covering a wide range of jobs and careers in all related social work and social care fields. We employ social workers, care workers and support staff in various capacities. Our staff work with either children, young people and their families or adults.

Working with Children

Children's Social Care is responsible for assessing and meeting the needs of:

  • children in need (disabled children, young carers and children who have been adopted);
  • looked after children;
  • care leavers;
  • and children subject to a Child Protection Plan.

Social care for children and families provides help to families to enable them to meet the needs of their children. It can give support to families and more specialist help when it is required. This is so children are able to be brought up and cared for within their own families.

The following services are available:

  • protecting children is a key responsibility which relies upon working in partnership with children, parents and other organisations;
  • providing care for children who, for whatever reason, cannot be cared for by their own families. For example, finding them foster carers or a community home;
  • assessing the needs of disabled children and young people. Co-ordinating short breaks, day care and outreach support;
  • offering help and advice to families and carrying out work with young people who have committed crime.


Children's Social Work Matters

Children's social workers across the country are handling a record number of cases. More than 74,000 children in Yorkshire and the Humber alone receiving their vital help and support in the last year. In a unique two year campaign, all 15 councils across Yorkshire and the Humber have united together. This is to make sure those standards of care will continue to improve for the most vulnerable local children. Under the banner "Children’s Social Work Matters", the campaign aims to attract new social workers to the country’s biggest region. It also aims to raise industry standards for people already in the job.

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Working with Adults

We want people in Calderdale to have the freedom of choice, independence, dignity and confidence. We provide care and support services for adults in Calderdale and work closely with the NHS. Together, we have brought together the services that we deliver for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities. This shows our commitment to work together locally. This helps to make sure that we meet the needs of Calderdale's people as fully as possible.

We ensure that individuals and their families get the personal care, support, advice and information they need. We do this for:

  • older people;
  • people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments;
  • people with learning disabilities;
  • and people with mental health problems.

This helps them take as much control as they want over their lives. We want to help them enjoy the best possible health and quality of life. Also, to have the opportunity to live as independently as possible, thanks to a supportive network of relationships.

There are six principles that direct all of our work on behalf of the people of Calderdale:

  1. We involve the public in planning and delivering services which meet their needs.
  2. We work in partnership with other organisations.
  3. We promote equality, choice, control, dignity and respect.
  4. We use our resources well, to achieve the best for everyone.
  5. We involve, listen to and learn from our staff.
  6. We use the best information to keep improving people’s lives.

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