Working in Schools

School based vacancies online

Applying for school based vacancies in Calderdale has never been easier. You can now view school based vacancies on this site in addition to all Council based vacancies.

Please remember that applications for school vacancies will need to be sent to the individual school to which you are applying. Please check each advertisement for details.

Our Schools

There are over 34,000 pupils currently attending Calderdale’s schools. And our vision statement, which was created by young people themselves, of “everyone different, everyone matters” – applies to every one of them. We want all children and young people in Calderdale to achieve – and become – the best they possibly can.

There are currently 87 Primary and 16 Secondary Schools, which include one Secondary Special School and two Primary Special Schools. These are overseen by Children and Young People’s Services Directorate.

Our ambition is for all children and young people in Calderdale to be raised in a caring and safe environment; to be healthy; to be both listened to and heard; to get the knowledge and skills they need for life and to have the support of any service they may need.