Rough sleepers and beggars

The legal duties to assist rough sleepers may not always extend to the Council providing accommodation. It depends on the individual circumstances of each person. However the Council does provide the following range of services to try and help rough sleepers in the district.

If you are sleeping rough or come across someone who is sleeping rough, visit: Street Link to report this or seek help. Contact the Council on 01422 392460 or out of hours on 01422 288000 or present at a police station.

The Gathering Place, St James Road, Halifax runs a “pay as you are able” café every Tues, Thurs, Fri from 12.30 - 2pm and has a Food and Support Drop in on Saturday mornings at Ebenezer Centre next door.

There are some categories of rough sleepers we cannot assist due to immigration restrictions. In these cases, St Augustine’s Centre, Hanson Lane, Halifax may be able to provide advice and help. 

Call 999 if someone is unwell or distressed - do not put yourself in danger or approach someone acting strangely, even to help.


What can I do to help?

If you want to volunteer or donate locally, The Gathering Place, St Augustine’s and also Calderdale SmartMove, a registered charity that assists homeless and vulnerably housed people in Calderdale, will accept donations of food, household items and money and have a wide range of volunteering opportunities.


No Second Night Out

The Council commissions Horton Housing to provide a No Second Night Out service, which aims to engage with rough sleepers and help them move into permanent accommodation. They have two units of emergency accommodation (crash pads) that can accommodate people for up to three nights to enable support and advice to commence. Phone or text "Support" (for call back) to Stacy: 07852 041412 or Stacey 07584 015772. Email: .


Calderdale Homelessness Forum

A local multi-agency forum consisting of a group of agencies all working with or who have an interest in homelessness or those who are vulnerably housed, including those at risk of losing their home.

For more about this, visit: Calderdale Homelessness Forum .


Winter Shelter

The Gathering Place runs a winter homeless shelter from Jan – Mar. This provides 12 beds and hot meals for people who would otherwise be rough sleeping.


Cold Weather Provision

During cold weather, supporting rough sleepers is a priority for the Council’s Community Wardens, who approach and engage with anyone they find to be sleeping rough in the Borough. The wardens will offer assistance and advice to anyone needing help and refer people to temporary accommodation, such as the Winter Shelter. The Council ensures that temporary accommodation is offered to anyone sleeping rough if the temperature is forecast to reach zero degrees or below.


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