Extra care housing

In Calderdale, Together Housing and Abbeyfield run extra care housing schemes.

The schemes are made up of self-contained flats and other facilities all under one roof. To help people Extra Care Housingmanage in their own homes everything has been carefully designed to suit older people. Care and support services are also provided, which means that most people can stay in their own home. This is even if they are quite frail, or become more dependent over time.

Schemes in Calderdale

The Extra care housing schemes are based at:

  • Clement Court in Halifax;
  • Willow Court in Elland;
  • Mytholm Meadows in Hebden Bridge;
  • and Ing Royde in Savile Park.

For details on other housing options for older people, including all schemes in Calderdale, visit: Elderly Accomodation Counsel .


Extra care housing is available to anybody with care, support and housing needs.

Each applicant must have had a care needs assessment and completed a Keychoice housing application.

All factors will be consider for each applicant by a panel made up of:

  • Adults, Health and Social Care;
  • the housing provider (Together Housing 2000 or Abbeyfield);
  • and Housing Services.

For more about these schemes, view: PDFExtra care housing brochure [PDF 3501KB]

Housing provider contact details:

  • Username Abbeyfield
  • Telephone 01422 362333

Home for life

Housing choices for later life

The decision to move house can be a difficult one to make! Although, you might need to consider it for many reasons, such as:

  • you may want to move nearer to friends or family;
  • or your house is difficult to adapt to your needs;
  • or your house is expensive or hard to heat;
  • or you cannot manage the garden, maintain or clean your home.

Moving house might leave you much better off financially. You might want to move to a smaller place that is cheaper to run.

It can also put you in a better social position. Having a home that is cheaper to run, can free up your time and money to do other things.

There are a range of options to consider:

  • selling your current home and buying another that suits your needs;
  • or more specialised housing, such as sheltered or extra care housing schemes.

Helping with choosing and moving to a new home

The idea of moving home can be daunting but the benefits of making the move can be very worthwhile. You may feel that moving would not be for you because:

  • you have a dog or a cat;
  • or you have the family to stay sometimes;
  • or you have too much furniture;
  • or you cannot afford it;
  • or you cannot deal with all the hassle of finding somewhere and packing.

Calderdale Council has created a relocation service to help guide you through the process. We can help you by:

  • explaining your different housing options;
  • helping you consider what needs to be done before and after you move;
  • using our local knowledge and links with social landlords and estate agents, so you know what is available;
  • finding out how much your house is worth and what you are able to afford;
  • and talking through the choices of alternative housing.

If you need support, contact: Housing advice .

Different types of housing

There are a number of different types of housing tailored to the needs of older people. These include:

  • sheltered and extra care schemes;
  • almshouses;
  • residential care and nursing homes;
  • and private housing schemes across the Borough, that are available to buy into.

To find out more, view: PDFHome for life [PDF 2526KB] .

More than a home for life

There is a wide range of services available to help you stay independent and remain living in your own home:

Some services are provided by Calderdale Council and others by private and voluntary organisations, such as: Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees .

There are a variety of groups in Calderdale that offer anything from gentle exercise to adult learning. Here you can meet like minded people on a regular basis.

To find out more, view: PDFHome for life [PDF 2526KB] .

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