Choice based letting scheme


KeyChoice is the new way of letting properties in Calderdale. The Choice Based Letting Scheme (CBL) introduced by Calderdale Council in partnership with Together Housing offers people who want to rent a house in Calderdale more choice over the type of home and area they wish to live in.

Apply for housing

KeyChoice replaces the previous complicated points system with a much easier one. Basically people needing a home no longer just join our Housing Register and wait for an offer to be made, they can actively search for a home they would like and decide whether to 'bid' (express an interest) for it.

Each week Together Housing will advertise all its available properties as well as homes owned by a number of other Housing Associations operating in the Borough.

Homes will be advertised:

KeyChoice members can bid for one property each week. This is not with money, but with the time they have built up as a KeyChoice member. The longer someone is a member of the scheme, the more chance they have of making a successful bid.

To find out more

For more details on the scheme or to join KeyChoice, phone: 01422 255155.

To apply to join the scheme online, visit: KeyChoice .

Swapping your KeyChoice home

A mutual exchange is where two tenants exchange their properties. You need to speak to Together Housing before you undertake a swap.


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