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Man in a wheelchair

The Home from Hospital service helps you to return home, following a stay in hospital. This service is more for those who have suffered strokes or falls.

In 2011, there were around 200 emergency stroke admissions in Calderdale. In many cases, strokes can cause people to have mobility problems. This results in people not being able to return home, as it no longer suits their needs.

Project workers can assist you to return home, by arranging for minor adaptations to be carried out. This includes fitting handrails and grab rails inside and outside the home and key safes, when required.

They can help people to find a new home, if their current home cannot be adapted. This includes completing housing applications and looking into specialist housing, such as sheltered and extra care housing . For more details on specialist housing and help in Calderdale, please see: Extra care housing .


Case study

The help given by project workers is best described in Andrew's case:

Andrew is a 58 year-old man, who was in hospital after having his leg amputated. He lived in his own house, where the Occupational Therapist carried out an assessment. He was advised that it was no longer suitable for him, as it could not be adapted.

Andrew was referred to the Home from Hospital service, where a Project Officer spoke to him about his housing preferences. The Project Officer completed a Keychoice form with Andrew. The Officer worked to get the application ready for a home relocation to an accessible property, as soon as possible. The Project Officer met the Occupational Therapist at properties offered to Andrew, as they became available. This was to see if they could be suitably adapted to meet Andrew’s needs. The Officer kept Andrew up to date and in control over his housing option choices. Once Andrew found a property he liked, the Project Officer liaised with the Housing Officer. Due to this, Andrew was able to leave hospital and move into his new home.

Andrew is near the end of his time in rehabilitation and Reablement . He becomes more and more independent as he works with his physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist. Andrew kept in contact with his employer while in hospital and is now looking forward to returning to work.


Like Andrew, you may need help getting back on your feet after a stay in hospital. For more on what help you can get, see: Support and Independence Team .

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