Handyperson service

The Handyperson Service can visit your home to carry out small jobs you find difficult, or cannot get anyone else to help you with.

Anyone who is over 60 or disabled who lives in their own home or rented property can access the service.

What work can the handyperson do?

The handyperson can do lots of small jobs. Examples include:

  • fixing a tap washer;
  • putting up a shelf or cupboard;
  • fitting a door bell or key safe;
  • re-laying flags;
  • putting up a curtain rail;
  • putting up or taking down curtains;
  • fitting door and window locks; and
  • fitting an extra handrail on the stairs.

If you have a query about any jobs you need doing, contact us and we will advise if it is something we can do.

We can change plugs and fuses, but cannot carry out other electrical or gas work (see: Home repairs) and we do not do gardening (see: Garden maintenance), or decorating. The type of work is limited to small DIY jobs taking no more than half a day to carry out. Assistance is available for longer and more complex jobs.

What will it cost?

You will have to pay the cost of all materials and a labour charge.

If you receive a means tested benefit the labour charge is £10, otherwise it is £25. Means tested benefits include Income Support, Council Tax benefit and Pension Credit.

If the work takes less than 30 minutes then the labour charge is only £5.

Case study

Mrs C contacted the handyperson service as she was worried about the handrails which had become loose and unstable.

The handyperson visited and talked to Mrs C, she also needed a shelf putting up. The handrails to the stairs were not charged for as they are classed as an Accessible homes grants . It took less than 30 minutes to put up the shelf so the labour charge was only £5 and there were no materials as Mrs C already had the shelf.

New handrails were fitted which meant that Mrs C could use the staircase without fear of falling down the stairs.

Mrs C said she felt much happier and that a weight had been lifted off her mind. She said that she now enjoys living in the property and feels much more optimistic about the future.

It goes to show that even the smallest jobs can have a significant impact on people's lives.


For more information , or to request a leaflet, contact:

Or, In person at any Customer First office .