The Youth Offending team (YOT) can offer you the chance to do a wide range of volunteering:


Appropriate Adult (AA):

  • all young people (10 to 17 years old) require an AA when being interviewed by the police;
  • act as an AA when parent/carer cannot attend;
  • support a young person at a police station;
  • make sure welfare needs are met.



  • provide positive support and encourage young people;
  • increase personal abilities and self-esteem;
  • regularly meet a young person for a limited amount of time.


Referral Order Panel Members:

  • co-ordinate a meeting ordered by the Youth Court. The young person is subject to a Court Order and has to attend the panel;
  • bring together members of the local community, victims, young people and their parents/carers;
  • discuss and agree a plan of action to help put right the harm caused.


Restorative Justice Volunteers:

  • visit people going through conflict in neighbourhoods and schools;
  • hold restorative meetings for those in conflict;
  • keep precise records of visits and processes.


Reparation volunteer:

  • to accompany and support young people to accomplish tasks, when putting right the harm caused by their offending;
  • encouragement and support to young people.


As a volunteer you will receive:

  • full training;
  • support and supervision;
  • travelling costs;
  • out of pocket expenses.


You need to be:

  • over 18 years of age;
  • able to relate well to young people;
  • reliable and able to commit to 2 - 3 hours per week;
  • free from criminal convictions, which precludes contact with young people. (Not all convictions preclude, offences will be assessed in accordance with the role.)


As a volunteer you will be given:

  • an interesting role;
  • the chance to help young people in trouble;
  • the chance to learn about aspects of law;
  • an insight of the work the YOT does.


If you would like more details or to apply, please contact:

  • Username Youth Offending Team
  • Email jeff.rafter@calderdale.gov.uk
  • Telephone 01422 368279
  • Address
    Jeff Rafter
    Calderdale Youth Offending Team
    Centre at Threeways
    Nursery Lane
    HX3 5SX

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