Safeguarding adults

Safeguarding means protecting an adult’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. It is about people and organisations working together to prevent and stop both the risks and experience of abuse or neglect, while at the same time making sure that the adult’s wellbeing is promoted including, where appropriate, having regard to their views, wishes, feelings and beliefs in deciding on any action.

Organisations should always promote the adult’s wellbeing in their safeguarding arrangements. People have complex lives and being safe is only one of the things they want for themselves. Professionals should work with the adult to establish what being safe means to them and how that can be best achieved. Professionals and other staff should not be advocating ‘safety’ measures that do not take account of individual well-being.

If you have any concerns it is important that you report them as soon as possible!

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What is abuse?

Abuse is mistreatment by any other person or persons that violates a person's human and civil rights. The abuse can vary, from treating someone with disrespect in a way that significantly affects the person's quality of life, to causing actual physical or mental suffering. You can find out more on the safeguarding calderdale website.

What is abuse

Calderdale Safeguarding Adults Board (CSAB)

The Calderdale Safeguarding Adults Board (CSAB) consists of the Safeguarding Board, Business Group and various Sub Groups. The Board has an Independent Chair who provides leadership for the Board and ensures that it operates effectively. A team of staff support the work of the Board and its sub-groups.

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Safeguarding for professionals

A comprehensive list of resources can be found on the safeguarding calderdale website.

Safeguarding for professionals

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