Support and Independence teams

The Support and Independence Teams bring together existing community services. This offers an extra level of support to adults who need assistance in their daily activities.

The team will help you to regain your independence after an accident, illness or injury. You may need support to:

  • stop you having to go in to hospital;
  • to live at home again after leaving hospital;
  • to manage a long-term health condition.

How we work

We are a team of dedicated staff who will support and help you to live an independent life. When needed, we will help with longer term solutions, or ways to deal with a difficult situation. We can help you re-learn recently lost skills or to find new ways of doing things.

We have therapists, nurses and other health and social care staff within the teams who can help you. Here are just a few examples of the support the team can offer:

  • support to make you more independent to be able to do daily tasks. This can be things like personal care, making a cup of tea or a meal;
  • support with managing your medications;
  • help and advice to prevent falls;
  • assistance to regain strength and stamina, or to work on your mobility and confidence;
  • help and advice on communication, swallowing difficulties and dietary needs;
  • assessment of memory and thinking, with advice to improve or compensate for these difficulties;
  • support to return to work following a period of illness;
  • crisis support, where necessary.

How to contact the Support and Independence Team

You can be referred by a health or social care professional. You can contact us yourself, if you think that you, or someone you know, needs our help.

For more details, contact: Gateway to Care .

Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registration and Reports 

CQC registration and reports are available for each of the three teams:


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