Expecting and new mums

Ante and Post-Natal

We offer safe and specific exercise and healthy weight programmes for pregnant and post-natal women.

Ante Natal Sessions

Sessions are an hour and a quarter in duration and are delivered in a friendly, supportive environment. We work together with midwives to offer safe and effective exercise and healthy eating programmes that are specifically designed for pregnant and post-natal women.

After you have completed your 5 week programme, you have the option to receive an Active Lifestyles card. This card enables a further twelve free weeks of exercise and includes free Gym, Swimming and Fitness classes at Calderdale Council’s Leisure Facilities. After twelve weeks, these activities are available at Passport to Leisure rate for a further 9 months. The card can be issued either before or after you have had your baby.

If you would like to join ask your Midwife or Health Visitor to refer you or contact 01422 230230 or email blt@calderdale.gov.uk

Post Natal Sessions

Mums can bring their babies to this weekly drop in exercise session providing that baby is secure and is not crawling. Sessions are 45 minutes in duration and can be aerobic, circuit or toning based and they are free to attend.


A referral is not required. Just contact the Better Living Team on 01422 230230 or email blt@calderdale.gov.uk


Extra ways to help you lead a better lifestyle

If you do not feel ready for our course, or do not meet our criteria, but you want to make a positive change in:

  • the way you eat;
  • becoming more active;
  • stopping smoking; or
  • reducing alcohol intake;

we recommend the following websites and apps: