Alcohol support

Is what you are drinking having an effect on your health?

To find out more, book a free confidential one-to-one session, where we can support you to:

  • look at your drinking patterns and the effects on your health and energy levels;
  • provide you with information and advice on how to cut down your drinking;
  • talk through your habits and develop ideas for small changes that can have a positive effect on your health;
  • signpost you to other services, for personalised support.
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Image of wine being poured in a glass from a bottle

Get started today!

For more on this, please contact the Better Living team by phone: 01422 230230, or email: .



Extra ways to help you lead a better lifestyle

If you do not feel ready for our course, or do not meet our criteria, but you want to make a positive change in:

  • the way you eat;
  • becoming more active;
  • stopping smoking; or
  • reducing alcohol intake;

we recommend the following websites and apps: