Your responsibilities

Before your collections, please consider: What goes in my bins, bags and boxes?

If you live in one of the 20,000 Calderdale properties that aren’t suitable for a wheelie bin and use a traditional style dustbin for your non-recyclable waste, you will see a change to the colour of your bin sacks over the next few weeks.

From July 2018 onwards, replacement bin liners for household waste will be blue instead of black. This change will be taking place gradually, as old stock of black liners are used.

The collection crews will continue to take your black sacks until all affected properties have been issued with the new blue sacks. The blue sacks are the same size and quality as the current black sacks.

We are making this change to help distinguish domestic waste from fly tipping, which costs the Council thousands of pounds to clear up each year. Properties with a wheelie bin are not supplied with sacks, so are not affected by this change.

For any information on waste and recycling collections in Calderdale, or to order recycling containers free of charge, visit Recycling. Remember that we collect recycling every week; that’s glass, cardboard, paper, tetra pak cartons, cans, foil, aerosols, plastics, textiles and food waste.


Wheelie bin with closed lid
  • Recycling (every week):
    • Please put recycling bags, food caddy and box at the edge of your property, where it meets the highway. This should be done by 7am on your collection day.
    • Please return all your containers, to your storage point, as soon as possible after they have been emptied.
  • Non-recyclable waste:
    • Once you have recycled all you can, the rest goes in your wheelie bin. The lid must be fully closed with no extra waste at the side. Please place your wheelie bin at the edge of your property, where it meets the highway. This should be done by 7am on your collection day.
    • If your property is not suitable for a wheelie bin, we take up to 4 standard issued bin bags from your storage point, each collection.

If you are struggling with your waste, you may be eligible for an assisted collection . You may also be able to apply for an additional wheelie bin:


Flats and apartments

Wrong - wheelie bin with open lid and extra bin bags

Where flats and apartments are above 3 storeys high, the Council will normally offer a communal recycling service. This service sees wheelie bins kept in communal bin stores.

From August 2016, where possible, we have provided a mixed collection of:

  • paper, thin card, cartons (known as tetrapak); and
  • cans and plastics; and
  • glass (bottles and jars only) and corrugated cardboard.

This depends on vehicle access and storage space being available.

Note: We are unable to offer a food waste collection from flats at this time.

If you live in a flat or apartment and you:

  • are not sure where your recycling is stored; or
  • would like more recycling bins;

in the first instance, see your caretaker or management company. You can also contact:


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