The Council's Environmental Policy

The Council is committed to a vision for the future of Calderdale. Where Calderdale is a place with a clean, healthy, unpolluted and attractive environment safeguarded for future generations.

Our Environmental Policy highlights a way that we will contribute to the delivery of this vision.

The Council will improve the environment in Calderdale by recognising the Council's impact on it. We will implement and maintain an Environmental Management System to manage our most significant impacts.

Our aims

In delivering this policy, we will comply with legal and other environmental requirements. We will work to prevent pollution and continually improve our environmental performance.

We will ensure that our staff and members are fully aware of this policy. We will inform them on how they can play their part in the overall Environmental Management System.

We will lead by example, working with suppliers, contractors and the wider community to raise awareness and improve environmental standards.

Action areas

We will develop a programme of work with objectives, targets and indicators that will manage our identified significant impacts. These work areas include:

  • reducing our use of natural resources, including water, wood and paper;
  • reducing risk of water pollution;
  • reducing, re-using and recycling wastes from Council operations and from households;
  • carefully managing the use of substances that pose a risk to the environment, including hazardous wastes, chemicals, oils and paints;
  • increasing energy efficiency and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions;
  • minimising the environmental impacts of travel; and
  • improving air quality.

This policy was approved by Calderdale Council's Full Council on 30th September 2010. For more information, or copies of the policy, contact:


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