Environmental projects and campaigns

Bluebells in a local woodBoth the ecosystem and the climate is changing. For the climate this means we are likely to experience more flooding, faster coastal erosion, more heat-waves, droughts and extreme weather events. We need to take action now to prepare for these changes. Climate change is the most pressing environmental concern, however environmental damage effects  our health and lifestyle in many ways:

  • If we continue to burn fossil fuels at our present rate, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will increase by 50% within 15 years causing catastrophic climate shifts.
  • Over 100 million Europeans and North Americans live in cities where the air is unsafe to breathe.
  • Over the last 10 years, environmental disasters have caused over $600 billion worth of damage across the world - more than in the previous four decades combined.
  • More and more of the world’s population are now facing acute shortages of fresh water, slumps in food production, devastating floods for some and disastrous droughts for others.
  • The rate of species extinction at present is estimated at 100 to 1000 times "background" or average extinction rates in the evolutionary time scale of planet Earth. With species disappearing, sources of new medicines are slipping away from us.

By working together society can reduce the damage to our environment and the Council together with our partners is taking steps to address these global issues through local actions:


  • Username Environmental Management
  • Email environment@calderdale.gov.uk
  • Telephone 01422 392250
  • Address
    Environmental Management Team
    Housing, Environment and Renewal
    Town Hall
    PO Box 51
    HX1 1TP

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