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Looking after the natural environment

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As our urban areas continue to grow and farmers continue to use pesticides, Britain’s wildlife remains under threat:

  • 10 - 20% of our native species are struggling to survive!

There are many ways that you can help:

Plant a tree

Trees use carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, which helps reduce the most serious cause of climate change. Trees also screen out noise, help to reduce flooding and are lovely to look at. Visit: Treesponsibility .

Look after what is there

If you know of a tree, or trees, that you think needs protection, apply for a Tree Preservation Order .

For more information on trees, visit: Tree Council .

Go wild

Create a new feature in your garden that will provide a habitat for wildlife, such as:
  • a pond, which will attract frogs and dragonflies; or
  • put up a feeder or a nesting box, to encourage birds.

For more information, visit: Wild about gardens .

Get involved

Why not try Volunteering with Countryside Services? Volunteers play an extremely important part in the delivery of countryside management in Calderdale. Volunteers help with many tasks, including:

  • habitat management;
  • tree planting;
  • wildlife surveys;
  • maintenance of public rights of way and way marking.

For information of some of the things you can get involved in, visit:

Say no to peat

Extraction of peat from lowland habitats, for use as compost, causes damage to UK’s most valuable wildlife habitats. There are alternatives available! Ask your local garden centre to supply peat-free compost or even better, make your own. For more information, visit: Recycle Now - composting .

Do not be a litterbug

Set a good example, do not dropping litter and support community litter clean-ups. If you have seen evidence of fly tipping, report it to the Council: Report fly-tipping .

Choose good wood

Buying products made from sustainably produced wood will help preserve the world's endangered forests. Look for: The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo.

Think before you pour

Avoid putting oil, paint, varnish or solvent down the drain. It will often end up in a nearby river where it will seriously harm fish and other wildlife.


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