Planning policy guidance

Calderdale Council issue two types of guidance:

  • Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) - these provide additional information on the implementation of Development plan document policies;
  • Other occasional guidance - these can assist developers in formulating planning applications and decision takers in arriving at their decisions. These guidance notes do not set policy or form part of the Local Plan .

Note: This guidance can help in making decisions, but should not be cited within reasons for refusal or for granting permission.

Withdrawn SPDs

The following SPDs have been withdrawn by the Council:

  • Developer contributions towards meeting open space, sport and recreation facilities (2008).
  • Provision of affordable housing in new developments (2008).
  • Developer contributions towards meeting education needs (2008).

Other occasional guidance

Landscape guidance on smaller turbines

This guidance provides a rigorous, structured approach to consideration of landscape and visual issues associated with single turbines and groups of turbines up to 60 metres, in height to blade tip. The guidance is intended to help developers understand (and respond effectively to) the specific landscape and visual issues associated with smaller classes of turbine. It will be used to inform and support development management decisions:

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