Evidence base: Town centres

The reports on this page form part of the evidence base to the Council’s Local Plan .

Retail Needs Study (2016)

This replaces the 2009 assessment and its 2012 and 2014 updates. It gives a qualitative analysis of retail and leisure facilities within Calderdale's town and district centres.

This includes:

  • the identification of each centres' role, catchment area and relationships between centres;
  • a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the need for new retail floorspace;
  • the need for both convenience and comparison retailing;
  • a qualitative analysis for different forms of facilities, such as retail warehousing, local shops, large food stores and traditional high street comparison shopping.

The Retail Needs Report 2016

The study includes:

  • Changes in shopping patterns since the previous study was undertaken. The reasons behind this, including the effects of economic downturn and recession in 2008/2009.
    • The study uses the most up to date expenditure data, the 2011 Census and latest mid year population estimates.
  • The future need and (residual) capacity for retail floorspace distributed by the main centres, up to 2031.
  • The potential implications of development and proposals coming forward, inside and outside Calderdale. This is in terms of the impact on town centres and potential changes to shopping patterns.
  • The existing retail hierarchy and network of centres, advising on whether any changes is classification are justified.
  • Development plan policies and allocations, including providing recommendations on how each centre can develop its role.

Land use surveys

Every couple of years, the Spatial planning team undertakes land use surveys for Calderdale's main town and local centres. The three main purposes for this, are to:

  • help monitor the effectiveness of existing planning policies on retailing and town centre issues;
  • inform new policy development in the emerging Local plan; and
  • provide an overview of the health of Calderdale's town centres.

To see the latest summary report (2013), please read: PDFTown centre land use surveys: summary report [PDF 1339KB] .

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