Evidence base: open space

The 2015 Open space, sport and recreation strategy and action plan has been prepared by Calderdale Council.

This forms part of the evidence base to the Council’s Local plan. It summarises work carried out through 2013-15, to update the Council’s open space database. It builds on the findings of the 2006 study, carried out by consultants Knight, Kavanagh, Page. The update includes a review of Amenity open space in Calderdale. It also provides the Council with evidence that can be used:

  • in the development of policy, including at future examinations into policy documents;
  • to inform the Land allocations and designations process;
  • in determining planning applications;
  • in planning appeals;
  • as initial data to inform future open space strategies;
  • to provide further analysis of the Open space, sport and recreation study in the light of emerging practice.

The key principles of the Open space update are to protect, provide and enhance a variety of well designed, high quality, accessible open spaces. Theses are to be well maintained, safe and improve the quality of life for Calderdale's residents and visitors.


For a map showing Calderdale's Open Space, Sport and Recreation Strategy, see: Environmental map .

Playing Pitch Strategy

The Playing Pitch Strategy provides guidance and support in order to understand and assess the need for playing pitches in Calderdale. It provides a strategic framework for the maintenance and improvement of existing outdoor sports pitches. This includes ancillary facilities between 2017 and 2022, covering the following playing pitches and outdoor sports:

  • football;
  • cricket;
  • rugby union;
  • rugby league;
  • hockey;
  • tennis; and
  • bowls.

Note: The above includes 'Third Generation - artificial turf (3G)' and 'Artificial Grass Pitches' (AGPs).

For more information, read:

Local green space

The purpose of this report is to explain the designation of Local green spaces in the Calderdale Local plan.

It sets out the national and local background to Local green spaces and explains the methodology used by the Council. In the results section of the report is a full list of Local green spaces proposed for designation. There are also the reasons for inclusion, or non-inclusion, in the Local plan.