Evidence base: Infrastructure

The documents on this page form part of the evidence base to the Council’s Local Plan .

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Council commissioned consultants GVA to undertake work on establishing a draft charging schedule for CIL. This was alongside work undertaken on the Core Strategy.

The Draft Charging Schedule for CIL is to go forward alongside the Pre-Submission Publication version of the Local Plan.

For more on the progress of the CIL, see: Community infrastructure levy (CIL) .

Leeds city region Green infrastructure strategy

At sub-regional scale, the Leeds city region published a Green infrastructure strategy (Sept 2010). This ensures future growth is underpinned and supported by high quality green infrastructure.

For example, the strategy will sit alongside the other core city region initiatives to drive sustainable economic growth, such as:

  • Housing and regeneration;
  • Employment and skills;
  • Economic drivers and innovation;
  • and Transport.

The Green Infrastructure Strategy

Calderdale Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) 2018

To see the most recent plan, download: PDFInfrastructure Delivery Plan [PDF 2442KB] (March 2018).

The plan considers:

  • existing infrastructure provision within Calderdale;
  • future plans of infrastructure providers;
  • and implications of future growth contained within the Local Plan.

This is now intended to be a 'live' document, with additional information, projects and infrastructure needs added on a regular basis. This is likely to be every six months. The release of IDP updates will be January and July each year.

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