Evidence base: Viability

The report on this page forms part of the evidence base to the Council’s Local Plan .

The Council commissioned consultants GVA to carry out an assessment of the effect of policies upon the viability of development across the District. This work interlinks with the introduction of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). See: Community infrastructure levy (CIL)

Viability assessment was undertaken during the preparation of the Publication draft of the local Plan and the Draft Charging Schedule of the Community Infrastructure Levy.

To read the most 2018 report see: PDFViability assessment 2018 [PDF 1399KB]

An assessment of the Initial Draft Local Plan (July 2017) has been undertaken by GVA as part of their ongoing work in support of the Local Plan and CIL. This new draft report looks at the cumulative impacts of policy requirements upon development viability generally and the viability of potential sites. To see more about this, please read: PDFViability Draft Report July 2017 [PDF 1837KB]

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