Evidence base: employment

The Council has commissioned consultants NLP (Litchfield’s) to undertake a new Employment Land Review, to inform the Local Plan. Whilst this is not yet formally completed, a rough draft is available here to inform the consultation on the Initial Draft Local Plan.

Study update 2012

Due to significant changes to the economy since 2008, an update of the original study was published (Feb 2012).

This update considers the new requirements for employment land based on the most recent economic forecasts. It also looks at the development potential of new and existing sites from a range of sources. This includes those resulting from the Site Submissions (Call for Sites) exercise.

Note: The study does not change the planning status of any site.

Employment Land Review 2008

The Council commissioned consultants (Roger Tym and Partners) to carry out a study on employment land in the Borough (published 2008).

This report provides information on the need for new employment sites within Calderdale and if existing sites are fit for current and future purposes: