Evidence base: Employment

The study and technical paper on this page form part of the evidence base to the Council’s Local Plan .

Employment Land Study 2018

This study was commissioned by the Council and provides technical information. This is part of the assessment of ‘objectively assessed need’ for new employment land to accommodate new growth in the Borough.

For more on this, please read: PDFEmployment Land Study 2018 [PDF 20107KB] .

Employment Technical Paper 2018

This paper presents wider evidence to justify proposals in our Publication draft Local Plan for:

  • employment policies;
  • land allocations and designations.

It identifies the 'Objectively Assessed Need' for the provision of new employment land. This is to accommodate growth in the local economy through the provision of new jobs.

For more on this, please read: PDFEmployment Technical Paper [PDF 941KB] .

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