Evidence base

This Evidence base informs the preparation of the Local plan . It gives robust evidence of the development needs, pressures and issues within the Borough.

It will be submitted for examination, alongside the published version of the Local plan.

This is an overview of the evidence base:

  • Consultation on the Local Plan

    This sets out the required Consultation Statement showing how the Council has engaged during the preparation of the Local Plan.

  • Duty to Cooperate

    The Duty to Cooperate is a legal requirement.

  • Employment

    The Employment Land Study (final report 2018) and the Employment Technical Paper provide the technical analysis and assessments that identify the need for new employment land and how the Policies in the Local Plan will provide for new jobs.

  • Environment

    Reviews of green belt, habitats, landscape character, energy developments, flood risk and waste.

  • Health and Well-being

    Evidence relating to the links between Health and the Local Plan including of hot-food takeaways.

  • Historic environment

    Contains the methodology for undertaking Heritage Impact Assessments for the Local Plan site allocations.

  • Homes

    Brownfield Land Register, The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA). Also self-build/custom house build, gypsy/traveller communities, PDFHousing Market Statement (2018) [PDF 4551KB] and guidance on affordable housing.

  • Infrastructure

    Assessment of the infrastructure in Calderdale, including: roads, schools, open spaces and utilities provision. Also, the Leeds City Region Green Infrastructure Strategy.

  • Open space

    Covering: open space, sport/recreation strategy and action plan and local green space designation.

  • Overall planning matters

    Includes: Spatial atlas and the Settlement hierarchy.

  • Site Allocations

    This sets out the methodology undertaken to assess sites and the results of those assessments.

  • Sustainability Appraisal

    This sets out the required Sustainability Appraisal of the Local Plan.

  • Town centres

    Looking at retail in Calderdale's town centres. Provides analysis of existing retail and leisure facilities and how future proposals, economic and environmental issues will affect them.

  • Transport

    Assessment of the transport infrastructure and how future development could impact on it.

  • Viability

    Assessment of the viability of policies and sites.


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