Community infrastructure levy (CIL)

CIL is a potential new tax on all "chargeable" development across Calderdale.

Consultation took place on the preliminary draft charging schedule in November and December 2015. The Council is grateful for all comments that were made. For more information, visit: Local plan consultations .

The draft Charging schedule is likely to be released for consultation purposes in April 2017, alongside the draft Local plan. To review the supporting evidence, read: PDFLocal plan and CIL viability assessment [PDF 8038KB]

Updated evidence will be released to support the draft Charging schedule during 2017. A link to the draft Charging schedule consultation will be made available here, when it is released: Local plan consultations

Local land charges and CIL

When completing a Law Society form CON29 "Enquiries of the Local Authority" (2016), the answer to question 3.10(a), relating to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is 'no'.

Following on from this response, the remaining questions in 3.10(b) do not need to be answered.