Planning policy

The Planning policy provides the policy framework for the future development of the district. Against this, planning decisions will be based through the preparation of the Local Plan.

Community infrastructure levy (CIL)

CIL raises funds from developers undertaking new building projects in Calderdale. It is used to fund the wide range of infrastructure needed as a result of development.

Evidence base

The Evidence base informs the preparation of the Local Plan, by providing robust evidence of the development needs, pressures and issues within Calderdale. It will be submitted for examination with the published version of the Local Plan.

Local plan

This will be the new development framework for Calderdale. It includes the timetable for consultation and implementation and Neighbourhood development plans to help local communities shape development within their area.

Planning policy guidance

Supplementary planning documents provide additional information on the implementation of Development plan document policies. Other guidance is occasionally issued to assist developers in formulation planning applications and decision takers in arriving at their decisions.

Site submissions

Landowners and communities can suggest sites for consideration within the Local Plan process.

Unitary development plan

The Replacement Calderdale Unitary Development Plan, sets out the existing land use planning framework for the future of Calderdale. It was adopted on 25th August 2006. It will be replaced by the Local Plan, when this is adopted.

Annual monitoring report

The following reports show Calderdale's performance and response against national/local criteria planning and development indicators:

For earlier reports, contact Spatial planning.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The Statement of Community Involvement was adopted by Council in April 2016:


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