Storm Eva Recovery

Calderdale Flood Action Plan

The Calderdale Flood Action Plan sets out short term actions that will see over 1,600 homes and businesses in the area better protected, as well as longer term strategies that will see local organisations and communities working in partnership to develop better ways of managing rivers and the land.

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On 26th December 2015, Calderdale experienced an unprecedented flooding event. Local communities, volunteers, local and regional public services played a major part in responding. The scale of the event was overwhelming and the response was impacted by similar flooding events across the Yorkshire and Lancashire regions.

Flood Commission

Calderdale Flood Commission has now published its Final Report, which contains many recommendations relating to all aspects of flood resilience and recovery. The report will be discussed by Calderdale Council on 20th July, where Councillors will be asked to agree the recommendations. Once this has happened we will be working with partners to get the recommendations implemented. We would like to thank everyone who gave evidence, or worked with us to produce this report.

The Flood Commission's initial report has produced nine recommendations for immediate action, which will be implemented in advance of the final report.

The commission can be contacted, by email at: , or follow their twitter feed: @FloodCommission .

Calderdale Flooding: Single Integrated Recovery Plan

The development of a Single Integrated Recovery Plan brings together all elements of the recovery effort under key themes – Community, Business, Infrastructure, Media and Public Affairs and Prepare. This plan is a dynamic document with accountability to the cross party and partnership Flood Steering Group and has been reviewed on a weekly basis by the Corporate Leadership Team. This plan was approved by Cabinet at its meeting on 11th January and has been updated regularly to drive the Council’s response following the impact of Storm Eva. The plan will operate until July 2016 when all outstanding work will be mainstreamed into the new flood subgroups and the implementation of future work will also be supported by the Council’s flood fund. Proposals on how this will be utilised will be reported to Cabinet on Monday 4th July:

Community Updates

Flood Partner Update: PDFFlooding Partner Newsletter [PDF 744KB] (updated April 2017).

Flood Recovery Infographic: PDFFlooding Infographic 1 Year On [PDF 464KB] .

Affected Roads and Structures

For updates on the impact of flooding on roads, bridges and the highway network:PDFAffected Roads and Structures [PDF 216KB] (updated 10th June 2016).

I’d like to donate, what type of things are needed?

The situation in severe instances of flooding changes quickly. This makes money the best type of donation as it can be used wherever and however it’s required. The Community Foundation for Calderdale has set up a Local Giving page.

What emotional support is available in Calderdale?

Primary mental health care services for counselling and emotional wellbeing in Calderdale:

  • Noah's Ark Centre has a self-referral service, phone: 01422 300457.
  • Healthy Minds provides peer led wellbeing groups in Sowerby Bridge, phone: 01422 345154.
  • Calderdale Talking Therapies (insight health care) offer psychological support for adults registered with a Calderdale GP. They are a self-referral service, phone: 0300 555 0191.
  • Details of counselling support for affected residents is available in the hubs, and additional support is being provided through the .

Other national services:

For longer term loss and trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress, contact your GP first for referral into IAPT or psychological therapy services. Insight Health Care will also refer on to IAPT and secondary care psychological therapy services if required, following assessment or intervention.

How can I contact the Council's Adults, Health and Social Care?

Gateway to Care is your first stop for adult social care, see:  Contact Gateway to Care - Adults, Health and Social Care in Calderdale .

Volunteering and Feedback

We would like to say thank you to everyone who volunteered during the floods of Boxing Day 2015.

However this is a long term recovery process and we will still need to call on volunteers from time to time for help.

We also need to be prepared for any future emergencies, so we are creating a database of people who are willing to help.

Would you like to volunteer in the future?

Call out for Volunteers - are you available? or email: .

Useful Information

For up-to-date information, visit: Eye on Calderdale .

Mapping data, including GaugeMap (river gauge data) is available, visit: Calderdale Data Works: Flooding .