Post-16 transport provision

No learner should be stopped from having further education due to a lack of support for school or college travel. The Post-16 transport provision sets out the policy for the assistance available for post-16 learners residing in Calderdale. It is reviewed on an annual basis.


Application forms

Before completing one of the forms, ensure that you have read the Post 16 transport policy .

You will need to complete all sections and provide photocopied documentary evidence when requested. Forms which are not completed fully, or not signed cannot be assessed and will delay the application.

If you are a student with SEN (Special Educational Needs), please complete the form for a student with SEN only.

Please return the completed form to the: Access and School Planning Team .

Please note: Applications for post 16 transport need to be made each academic year.


Concessionary fares

Metro, First Bus and Arriva provide a range of concessionary and discounted fares within West Yorkshire and beyond. The details of each fare and how to obtain them can be found on the relevant organisation's website:

Metro: tickets and passes

  • Scholar's photocard
  • School card
  • School plus metrocard
  • Student plus
  • Disabled person's permit
  • Blind person's permit
  • Metro day

First Bus

  • First day
  • First day (off peak)
  • First week
  • First month
  • First term student ticket

Arriva: available tickets

  • Arriva value - available as a daily, weekly or monthly ticket

Please note: This list is not exhaustive.

Are you resident within West Yorkshire, but attend a school or college outside West Yorkshire? Details of the public transport available is available from the school office or college student services.



On a yearly basis, prior to producing a statement for the following academic year, views will be sought from:

  • learners (of sixth form age in the next academic year) and their families;
  • and those learners with special educational needs (aged 19-25) and their families.

This will be in addition to consulting the transport partner representatives . Consultation will take place via the Council's website through "Engage". Schools and colleges will also be requested to bring it to the attention of parents and learners.


Frequently asked questions

Will I qualify for free transport when accessing Post 16 education?

There is no automatic entitlement for home to school or college transport for Post 16 students.

However, the local authority with Metro supports students by offering concessionary fares on buses, the most popular being the School Plus metrocard.

Why aren't Post 16 students entitled to transport assistance like Pre 16 students?

Post 16 students do not have to legally stay at school although they have to legally stay in education / training; also there are other options available.

Central government have not changed legislation in terms of providing transport assistance to accommodate raising the participation age (RPA).

I can't afford to pay for bus fares, what can I do?

Transport assistance can be provided by the 16-19 Bursary Fund for the most vulnerable students, subject to certain criteria.

The 16-19 Bursary Fund has been put in place by central government in order to support those most at need. For further information please see: 16-19 Bursary Fund.

What if I am unable to use public transport because of my individual circumstances / needs?

In exceptional circumstances Post 16 transport assistance can be provided, please contact the Access and School Planning Team.

What assistance is available in these circumstances?

The following are available:

  • payments to parents / learners to arrange their own transport
  • a walking escort
  • an escort to accompany on public transport
  • transport from a pick up point (taxi or specialist transport)
  • home to school or college transport (taxi or specialist transport)
I am unable to use a School plus metrocard because of where my Post 16 provision is situated, is there any help for me?

The cost of the School Plus metrocard will be deducted from the cost of assistance offered where the student is living more than 3 miles from a school sixth form or college and that provision cannot be accessed by using a School Plus metrocard. Applicants must be attending the nearest school or college to their home address, which offers the same or a similar course, subject to certain criteria.


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