Appeals process

The Home to School Transport appeals process consists of two stages:

Stage one

This is a referral to the Service Manager with responsibility for Home to School Transport. This Manager has discretion to approve requests in special circumstances if applications are found to justify approval outside the policy. If you believe you have grounds to appeal then you should download and complete the stage one appeal form. This form should be returned by post to the Service Manager at the Access and school planning team .

Stage two

If you disagree with the Service Manager’s stage one decision then you have the right to present your case to a future meeting of the Home to School Transport Appeal’s Panel which is held monthly.

This panel consist of two Heads of Service from the Children’s and Young People’s Service's Directorate, a Presenting Officer from the Access and School Planning Team, and a member of the Council’s legal team. They consider appeals based on medical, social or other grounds on their individual merits. Such applications have to be accompanied by a report providing details of the case from the appropriate Educational Welfare Officer.

For further information regarding the Stage Two process please contact the Access and school planning team .