Grammar schools

Only children who attain the required standard will be eligible to be considered for admission to the schools.

For entry to Year 7, The Crossley Heath School (CHS) and The North Halifax Grammar School (NHGS) operate a joint admissions process. Parents must apply through their Local Authority (LA) which is responsible for the coordinated arrangements to secondary schools.

Parents / carers must also complete a registration form for their child(ren) to take the admission test:  Grammar Schools online application form .

The Published Admission Number (PAN) for the two grammar schools will be 360: 180 will be offered places at CHS and 180 will be offered places at NHGS.

Entry to the two schools will be determined by academic ability and attainment, as identified by admissions tests which will be a test of ability irrespective of sex, race or disability. The tests will be accessible to children with special educational needs and disabilities and appropriate reasonable adjustments will be made based upon evidence provided by the parents and / or primary school. Children sitting the tests may be required to have a photograph taken on the day of the examination for the sole purpose of verifying their identity.

The admissions tests will consist of:

  1. a test in English;
  2. a test in Mathematics; and
  3. a national validated test in verbal reasoning (VR).

The scores for each test will be age-weighted.

After the tests are completed, children will be placed in a single list based on their performance in terms of aggregated scores on all three tests. Those with the highest score will be at the top of the list, which will form an 'order of merit'.

A candidate may only sit the admissions test once. If a candidate is unwell immediately before or on the day of the test and is unable to attend, parents must inform the school as soon as possible. A letter must be sent to the Headteacher within five working days of the test enclosing a letter from your doctor or a relevant medical certificate. Arrangements can then be made for the test to be sat at a later date.

Supplementary tests will only be available to children who are unable to sit the original test:

  • for valid reasons for which evidence is provided; or
  • for children who have moved into the area after the admissions test has taken place.

The tests will be conducted at the schools. For admission in 2019, the test will be held on Saturday 29th September 2018. Parents who wish their child to take the admission test must complete a CHS / NHGS Grammar Schools online application form by Monday 3rd September 2018. Paper copies are available from the schools. Registration for admissions will open on Monday 16th April 2018. Parents of children registered for Pupil Premium (Free School Meals) must indicate this when registering for the test.

Once the tests have been marked, the schools will inform parents in writing of:

  • the overall test score achieved by their child;
  • their position in the order of merit; and
  • whether they have reached the required standard to be considered for admission.

In order to reach the required standard, candidates must be in the top 500 places in the order of merit. Reaching the standard does not guarantee the offer of a place.

If more children reach the required standard in the test than there are places at the schools, children in the following categories will be offered a place according to the following over subscription criteria. This will be applied in the following order:

  1. Children looked after and children previously looked after (see Definitions);
  2. Children attracting the Pupil Premium (PP) (see Definitions).

Once these places have been allocated, the remaining places at CHS and NHGS will be offered according to the order of merit until the schools reach their PANs.

Where two or more children achieve the same score as the child in the last place to be offered at CHS or NHGS, the following over subscription criteria will apply as a tie breaker:

  1. Siblings (to include step, foster and adopted siblings living permanently at the same address) of children presently attending the schools;
  2. Proximity of the child's home to the schools, with those living nearer accorded the highest priority. Distance will be calculated using a straight line measurement from the pupil's home to the closest designated school gate. Distances will be calculated using the LA's Geographical Information System (GIS). To ensure consistency, all measurements will be carried out by the LA's GIS system and no other method of measuring distance will be considered. Each property has a coordinate taken from the Ordnance Survey ADDRESS-POINT data. This is the point which distance measurements will be taken from.


A 'looked after child' is a child who is:

  • in the care of a local authority; or
  • being provided accommodation by a Local Authority in the exercise of their social service functions (section 22, Children Act 1989) at the time of making an application to a school.

Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so. This can be due to a child being adopted, or becoming subject to a child arrangements or special guardianship order.

'Children attracting Pupil Premium' are those who have been registered for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the six years prior to the closing date for registering for the test. The school will require evidence of Pupil Premium registration and reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place if the offer has been made on the basis of an incorrect, fraudulent or misleading application. Parents of children attracting Pupil Premium must have ticked the Pupil Premium box when registering their child for the test. Parents will need to provide evidence of Pupil Premium registration to the schools no later than the end of September 2017. Any evidence received after this date will be considered as late and will only be considered after the main round of allocations has been made.


For pupils starting in September 2018:

  • pupils with a rank of 417 or higher were admitted to CHS; and
  • pupils with a rank of 448 or higher were admitted to NHGS.

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