Wainstalls School

The Planned Admission Number for admission to Reception class in the school year commencing September 2018 is 30. Children with special educational needs who have a statement or plan which names the school will be allocated a place.

Where the number of applications for admissions exceeds 30, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below and in the priority order stated:

  1. Children who are looked after (including those who were in care but are now adopted or subject to a residence or guardianship order).

  2. Pupils who have a brother or sister (including step / half brothers and sisters) permanently resident in the same household and who will be at the school at the start of the academic year.

  3. Children of members of staff who have been employed at the school for a minimum of two years or where the school has a specific skill requirement.

  4. Proximity of the pupil's home address to the school.

Distances will be calculated using the Local Authority's GIS (Geographical Information System). To ensure consistency, all measurements will be carried out by the Local Authority's GIS and no other method of measuring distance will be considered. Each property has a coordinate taken from Ordnance Survey ACCESS-POINT data. This is the point from which the distance measurement will be taken from.


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