St Michael and All Angels CE Primary School

The planned admission number for the Reception class is 30 pupils.

Pupils in receipt of a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care plan where the Local Authority has named this school as necessary to meet the pupil's needs will be admitted.

If you wish to apply under Christian commitment criteria you should obtain a copy of the school's Supplementary information form (SIF) from the school and return the SIF to the school by the date the school states on the form.

In the event that there are more applications than there are places available they will be offered according to the following criteria:

  1. Children who are looked after or children who were previously looked after but ceased to be so because they were adopted or became subject to a residency or special guardianship order.

  2. Children with a brother or sister (or step brother or step sister living in the same household) attending the school at the time of admission.

  3. Children of parent(s) or children who are active worshipping members at St Michael and All Angels, Shelf, St Aidan’s, Buttershaw or a regular worshiper at another Anglian Church within the Diocese of Leeds attending a minimum of twice per month for at least the previous twelve months prior to the closing date for applications.  

  4. Proximity of the child's home to the school. Proximity will be determined by the shortest walking route using routes assessed and deemed to be suitable by the Local Authority, from the coordinate of the pupil's home to the closest designated school entrance point.

Tie breaker

In the event of oversubscription where the distance to the school is equal, the governors will take account of the individual circumstances of the applicants concerned in making a decision.


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