St Augustine's CE (VA) J and I School

The number of children that can be admitted to the Reception class each year is currently 25.

The school will admit children with statements of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care plans (EHCP) in which the school is named on the statement or EHCP.

Where the number of applications for St Augustine's CE (VA) J and I School received during the normal admissions round exceeds the admission number of the school, the Governing Body will apply the following in strict order of priority:

  1. 'Children who are Looked After' where the Local Authority, in consultation with the Governing Body of St Augustine's CE (VA) J and I School, deems the school to be most suitable for the individual needs of the child, and children who were previously looked after but ceased to be so because they became adopted or became subject to a residence or special guardianship order.

  2. Children whose parents are regular worshipping members of St Augustine's Church or Christ Church Mount Pellon (ie for a period of at least twelve months with names being entered on the Ecclesiastical electoral roll).

    A supporting letter from the Parish Priest will be required as evidence.

  3. Children with a brother or sister (including step, half and adoptive brothers / sisters) permanently resident at the same address and attending the school at the proposed date of admission.

  4. Children who live within the parish of St Augustine's (see note).

  5. A child whose parents regularly attend:

    1. a neighbouring Anglican church,

    2. a neighbouring non-Anglican Christian church accepting the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

    A supporting letter from the Parish Priest will be required as evidence.

  6. Other children.

Note: where parental responsibility is held by more than one person and those persons reside in separate properties, the child's ordinary place of residence will be deemed to be that property at which the child resides for the greater part of the week including weekends.

For further information on over-subscription criteria, see: Church of England, Voluntary Aided schools .


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