Personal education plans and Designated Teachers

All children who are looked after must have a care plan which is drawn up and reviewed by the local authority which looks after them. The care plan will identify intended outcomes and objectives for the child and carers in relation to his or her emotional and behavioural development, identity, relationships and self-care skills. The care plan must also include a health plan and a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which are developed and reviewed in partnership with relevant professionals.

In the case of the PEP, where the child is on roll of a school, this will be the designated teacher. In Calderdale the Virtual School lead on the coordination and implementation of PEPs.

The PEP, in addition to being part of the overall care plan, is part of a looked after child's official school record. If the child moves schools, it should be forwarded, along with other school records, to their new school, if known, and to the main contact (usually the child's social worker) in the authority which looks after the child.

Copies of the Calderdale Personal Education Plans can be downloaded:

Designated Teachers should:

  • liaise with other agencies and individuals
  • advocate for ChildrenĀ  who are Looked After in school
  • ensure that staff in school have relevant information on Children who are Looked After
  • manage the Personal Education Plans for each Child who is Looked After
  • ensure high expectations for Children who are Looked After
  • have sufficient authority in school to influence policy and practice for Children who are Looked After

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