Virtual School (Children who are Looked After)

The Virtual School is to make sure the Council's corporate parenting responsibilities are met for Children who are Looked After.

This service aims to enhance the life chances of all our Children who are Looked After, by:

  • promoting achievement;
  • raising attainment;
  • and ensuring equality of opportunity.

It can:

  • track and monitor the progress of all Calderdale's children who are Looked After;
  • support with lead professional for Personal Education Plans (PEPs) ;
  • deliver in school interventions through 1-to-1 support;
  • offer early years advice and support;
  • give Further Education / Higher Education advice and support;
  • manage the Virtual School database;
  • give support at:
    • Looked After Children Reviews;
    • Special Educational Needs meetings;
    • and Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings;
  • support transitions;
  • support partnership working with agencies and Council services, like School Admissions, Youth Offending and Social Care;
  • deliver training to teachers, school governors, foster carers and partners.

The way the service works

It gives outreach support to Children who are Looked After in mainstream schools and alternative settings, as a core service.

This is free to schools / settings or academies, due to the statutory corporate parenting responsibilities of the Local Authority.

It offers training to all schools for designated teachers, who are new to their statutory role and only academies are charged.

Further bespoke training packages, specific to individual schools or clusters, can be negotiated for all schools as a traded service.

For more details on how the service works and the different posts within the service, please read:

Children are looked after by Calderdale Council because they are:

  • subject to a care order;
  • or on a voluntary basis under section 20 of the Children Act 1989.

For more on this, please see: Looked After Children .

Contact the Virtual School

For more on the Children who are Looked After education service, please contact:

  • Username Virtual School
  • Telephone 01422 394137
  • Address
    Virtual School
    1st Floor
    Princess Buildings
    HX1 1TS

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