Positive Choices

Positive Choices aims to support our young people and provide early, intensive interventions throughout pregnancy and early years. We start in the belief that our young people can be safe successful parents now and in the future.

Information for young people

Positive Choices provides you with support during pregnancy and early years.

  • We will support you to make informed choices about parenthood. We will give accurate information and time to explore how you feel. This will help you make the right choices, for you.
  • Early support about sex and relationships, so you fully understand family planning.
  • Ensure you make choices based on open and honest support.
  • Help you be a successful parent now and in the future.
  • Support you to make the best choices to start a family and be a parent.

For more details, read: PDFPositive Choices leaflet [PDF 950KB] .

Information for professionals

Positive Choices will result in evidence based changes to systems and strengthen children’s social care. This aims to change and influence surrounding services using the whole family approach model. We aim to change culture, from one of a presumption of failure, to one that is constantly seeking success.

Our approach aims to support up to 50 young people of high-risk. This will be done by giving early, intensive intervention for them. To Help them to become successful parents, through an intensive 'young person' centred programme. We are working to reduce the number of pregnancies and children being taken into care. Also, it is to give a single point of access to essential support.

For more details, read: PDFPositive Choices postcard [PDF 1936KB] .

Our First Year

PDFPositive Choices Infographic - Year 1 - February 2018 [PDF 147KB]

PDFOur First Year stakeholder event press release [PDF 72KB]


For more on the children’s social care innovation programme, visit: Spring Consortium .

Positive Choices Peer Mentoring Programme

Do you have experience and knowledge to share that will support young people becoming parents?

Do you want to volunteer and mentor a young person in a positive and supportive way?

We want people who wish to share their life experience with young people. To help support them in their successes in being a parents. There are a number of ways that you can get involved in our mentoring programme, such as:

  • Face to face support that is either one to one or in a group setting;
  • sharing your experience through sharing your story and this can also be anonymous if you wish;
  • writing some advice or top tips that can be shared with young people based on your experience and knowledge.

You will receive support, guidance and training before you start and during your time as a Positive Choices Mentor.

To register your interest, or find out more, please contact: Claire Haymonds:

Email: claire.haymonds@calderdale.gov.uk or phone: 01422 394099.


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