Early intervention learning and development programme

MJ award 2016 - commended

In line with the overarching vision that all children in Calderdale are happy, safe and successful, the Early Intervention Support Strategy provide a core training offer for all professionals working with children, young people and their families in Calderdale:

To book a course, please use the booking form in the Learning and Development programme.

Calderdale Council employees should book courses through iTrent, not using the booking form.

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The training meets the strategic objectives outlined in the Calderdale Early Intervention Support Strategy:

  • Services are needs led and outcome focused;
  • Service support those who are most likely to require coordinated interventions identified as Tier 2 and 3 of the Calderdale Continuum of Need;
  • Coordinated integrated services with partners are delivered within the local community;
  • Services can be accessed via a single pathway which is consistent with the Calderdale Continuum of Need;
  • Agencies work with families, children and young people rather than working for or doing for them.

Our approach to the delivery of the programme will ensure that diversity is integrated into all features of the process and content.

Please note:

  • Course places are offered on a first come first served basis;
  • A penalty of £50.00 for non attendance without 72 hours notice will be charged for all courses;
  • All courses except for Leadership are fully funded on the current financial arrangements although this could alter if funding support changes.

Foster carers learning and development

Calderdale Council also provide a training offer for all foster carers and professionals working with foster carers, children and young people:


If you have any queries regarding any of the programme please contact:

  • Username Workforce Development
  • Email workforcedevelopment@calderdale.gov.uk
  • Telephone 01422 288317
  • Address
    Human Resouces, Information Technology and Transformation
    Town Hall
    HX1 1TP