Internet awareness and staying safe

New social media platforms come out all the time. It is likely that someone in your family has used and got bored of it, before you know what it is!

It is important to ensure that we all know how to stay safe online. Here are some useful links covering different social media sites, privacy settings and how / when to report online abuse.

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When you are online, it is important to stay safe. Also, to make sure that you do not share things that can put you in danger.

To find out more, visit: Staying safe online .

Children’s Commissioner

For England, Anne Longfield and the TES have recently teamed up. They have made a more simple terms and conditions for social media. This is to help parents / carers support their children to manage their rights and privacy online. It includes: Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

To find out more, visit: How parents and carers can support their children to manage their rights and privacy online .


How to start the conversation with your child about staying safe online. Also, what to do if you are worried about online safety.

To find out more, visit: Talking to your child about staying safe online .

Safety Net Kids

Are you worried about online bullying? Safety Net Kids have done research on staying safe online.

To find out more, visit: Safety Net Kids .

UK Safer Internet Centre

Along with the many positive things which young people may see or experience online, they may also encounter things which may worry or upset them. This could be anything from a scary picture or hateful comment, to something which is intended for an adult audience or potentially even illegal content.

To find advice about blocking content and details of other sources of information and support for children and parents, visit: Safer Internet

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