Specialist equipment

Whatever your child's additional needs, equipment to make life easier within the home is likely to be available. Calderdale Council have community paediatric occupational therapists who can assess a child's or young person's needs to help them to be as independent as possible.

The occupational therapist can assess a child’s needs for equipment such as:

  • seating systems to enable a child to maintain good posture to prevent contractures, promote function and enable them to join in with their family at meal times and with leisure activities;
  • sleep systems to encourage a child to maintain a good posture whilst in bed;
  • bathing / showering and toileting equipment to enable a child to have a dignified bathing / personal hygiene routine whilst minimising manual handling for carers;
  • eating and drinking equipment to promote independence.

The occupational therapist can advice on re-housing issues, or recommend property adaptations to enable a child to access essential facilities, ensure the child is safe in and around the house, and reduce manual handling problems.

There is a vast range of equipment available, of which some can be expensive, so it is probable that you will need specialist assessments and advice to ensure that you get the equipment that is right for your needs.

To arrange for an occupational therapist to carry out an assessment at your home, or for more information, contact: Disabled Children's team.

Some charities and voluntary organisations can help meet the cost of additional equipment. Contact a Family provides an excellent guide on equipment, aids and adaptations, visit: Contact a Family - Aids, equipment and adaptions .