Autism and Social Communication Needs

In Calderdale we have put together information designed to support families and carers of children and young people waiting for an assessment of their social communication needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In this section you will find information which we hope will be useful to you while waiting for the assessment. The information covers some local resources that are available and which may be able to help you while you are waiting for assessment.

There are a number of information resource sheets about common themes, questions and behaviours that may be seen in children and young people who are waiting for an assessment. We understand that some families will go on to receive a diagnosis of Autism and others will not. We have therefore focused these resources on the common themes of social communication difficulties rather than specifically upon Autism.

The information will be updated in line with local changes as they take place. If you are aware of any resources that would be beneficial to include or you would like to provide some feedback about this information pack then please contact us via 

You can find out more information on the different names for autism, related conditions and much more (including current research) on the  National Autistic Society Website

The local branch of the NAS is run by volunteers and provides peer support and opportunities to meet and take part in activities. Visit  NAS Calderdale Branch to find out more.

Information Resource Factsheets

Local resource Factsheets

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