Preparing for adulthood



Transition means change and we know this can be a very difficult time for young people and their families, so in Calderdale lots of different services have been working together to make it better and easier for you. An important part of this is writing and agreeing the ‘Transition Protocol’ for Calderdale that is agreed by Councillors and Senior Managers of the services that support you. You can find out more about the Transition Protocol


We are committed to helping young people start planning for this transition as early as possible. For children with Education Health and Care (EHC) plans or Statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN) this will start in Year 9. Person-centred reviews allow young people and their families to be at the centre of future planning, see: Transition Review .

For more on person-centred reviews, ask your child's teacher or Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).


Care services

If your child is supported by the Disabled Children's Team, talk to your social worker or nurse about transition planning. Support is available for disabled adults through Adults Health and Social Care and could include support to find appropriate accommodation, work and leisure opportunities. A small team of specialist nurses is also available to support people with complex health care needs.

If your child is eligible for social care services, they can choose to take their support through direct payments. These can also be combined with managed services to create an individual support package, see: Direct payments .

Adult services also work with providers to offer Individual Service Funds (ISFs). A provider will manage an individual's allocated funding and help them arrange appropriate support. This gives people greater choice and control without the need to manage a direct payment.


Finding somewhere to live

In Calderdale, there are a range of accommodation and support options including supported living houses, flats with tenancy support and housing in the community with an appropriate package of support. The Community Learning Disability team can provide information about the options. They can work with young people to find housing and support that meets their individual needs.

Adults Health and Social Care can also assess any equipment needs that allow a young person to live independently. This equipment may be provided free of charge, or you may be charged.

Some people require more support and there are a range of 24 hour support services for people with complex needs. This includes specialist supported living, residential and nursing care.

All referrals for support, or for more information, contact the Community Learning Disability team, see: Gateway to Care .


Short breaks for adults

Short breaks are one of many types of support available. They range from residential and nursing provision to outreach and leisure opportunities, depending on individual need and personal choice. Many younger people decide to take these as direct payment to give greater choice and flexibility, see: Short breaks for adults .


Supported employment

Project Search in Calderdale

Project Search is a new and exciting opportunity in Calderdale for young people with learning disabilities. It is a year-long supported internship programme, open to those who are seeking full-time, paid employment and require the opportunity to learn the skills to enable them to achieve this.

The programme will be offering 12 places for its initial internship year, starting September 2017. The internship will comprise a mixture of classroom-based learning and on training with the host employer.

Each young person will have different ‘placements’ in different jobs within the host employer’s organisation during the year. This, alongside classroom-based learning, is to develop the skills needed to move straight into full-time employment at the end of the internship year, often with the host employer.

The Steering Group overseeing Project Search will be seeking applications for the first round of internships in Spring 2017. Initially, priority will be given to applications from students currently in academic years 13 and 14, although any young adult, up to 25 years old with an EHC Plan, may apply.

To find out more and see case studies, visit: Project SEARCH - a model for supported internships .

Where can I go to get more information?

You can speak to a member of staff at Calderdale College, your C&K Careers advisor at your school, Lead the Way or the SEND Team. Leaflets about Project SEARCH can be posted to you by calling the Admissions Team at Calderdale College, phone: 01422 399316, or pick one up from the College Admissions Team.


Preparing for Adulthood

Provides resources on how to prepare for adulthood with good employment outcomes. Young people and their families can download a new factsheet from this website, which gives information about different routes to employment for young people with SEND.


Scope: Starting Line – Employment Service

A brand new employment service which supports disabled people of working age living in Calderdale to find, apply for and keep a job.

This new service is tailored to the individual and each customer is supported by a specialist Employment Advisor to prepare them for work, training or for a statutory work programme plus further understand their career goals and how to achieve them.

The service aims to:

  • Grow confidence, assertiveness and independence;
  • Develop important employability skills;
  • Support in making life-changing career decisions;
  • Find training opportunities, paid employment or access to other provision.

What we offer:

  • Bespoke employment workshops;
  • Employment taster sessions;
  • Valuable work experience;
  • Interview preparation skills;
  • Employment and training opportunities.



Many young people who go through training courses go on to get paid employment. Jobcentre Plus employ specialist employment advisers and can offer support. Young people who are eligible for support from Adults Health and Social Care may choose to take a direct payment, or purchase support from a provider who can help them find employment opportunities. Specialist Autism Services provide support to individuals aged 18 and over to improve their employability.

For more information:


Travelling to work or college

The Independent Travel scheme provides travel training. It is a step-by-step process, where a person learns a specific route between two given places on their own and in a responsible way. The route is usually between home and school, college or work. For details and case studies, see: Independent travel training .


Additional support services for adults

Social Care and Wellbeing Hub

The hub contains information that is useful to young people and their families. It includes information on local providers and what they can offer, plus groups and voluntary organisations in Calderdale and a What's on guide.

Learning disability website

Calderdale's learning disabilities website covers: managing money, staying healthy, choosing a home, finding a job, local clubs and activities, getting support, plus other advice and guidance.

Learning Disability Partnership Board

The board is an open monthly meeting where people with learning disabilities and their families can contribute to key decisions and learn about new developments in Calderdale.

Disability Partnership Calderdale

Disability Partnership Calderdale is a group of physically disabled and / or sensory impaired people who live or work in Calderdale. They work to improve the quality of life for disabled people by working with Council services, transport providers, hospitals and the Clinical Commissioning Group. New members are always welcome.

Work placements and work skills days

Learn more about a career, gain useful contacts and improve your employability. Whizz-Kidz have a range of work placements, internship opportunities and work skill days. These are designed for young disabled people aged 16 to 25 years with a physical condition and / or medical diagnosis.

Community Support Services

A service provision for people with learning and physical disabilities, offering: personal care, outreach, support with education and independent living skills.

Lead the Way

A community-based advice and support service, helping people to stay healthy and independent in their own community.

Mayfield Trust

Provides a quality service to children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and other complex needs.

Calderdale Healthy Minds

This is a user-led organisation working across the Calderdale Borough to promote positive mental health and recovery for people affected by mental distress. They offer a range of Peer Support Groups including: disability, anxiety & depression, bipolar, chronic pain, self-harm and wellbeing. They also offer walking, allotment and art & wellbeing activity groups.


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