Home to school transport for pupils with Special Educational Needs

Could you be entitled to free transport assistance to school?a yellow school bus

You are responsible for ensuring your child attends school. Although, there are circumstances where we have a duty to assist you. The circumstances where this applies can be found in the Home to school transport policy. This is also published in the admissions booklet.

This information is a summary of the main criteria for assessing eligibility. It is for guidance only, to help you decide whether to apply for transport assistance.

You will receive an application form from your child’s primary school a short time after your admissions allocation letter. If, you are eligible and your child is due to transfer to secondary school next September. This form is to assess your eligibility for a bus pass.

Please note: If you feel your child requires more specialist transport, please contact the Access Team. Request a preliminary application for pupils with a statement of special educational needs.

On a low income, are you entitled to transport assistance?

  • Are you entitled to receive free school meals for your child?
  • Do you receive the maximum level of Working Tax Credit? You can check this on your Tax Credit award notice. Part 2 of your Working Tax Credit Element should not show any reduction due to your income.

If you answered no to either of these questions, see: Not on low income, but are you still eligible .

If you answered yes to both, continue reading:

  • Are you a resident of Calderdale?
  • Do you think the distance to your child’s school, from home, is over 2 miles, but less than 6?
  • Is the school one of the 3 nearest schools to your home address?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you may be eligible for transport assistance. Please complete an PDFApplication form [PDF 366KB] , so we can assess it for you.

Not on a low income, but are you still eligible?

  • Is your child attending the nearest school to your home address, which is over 3 miles?
  • If not the nearest school, does your child’s statement name it as the nearest school that meets your child’s needs?

If you answered yes to either question, you may be eligible for transport assistance. Please complete an PDFApplication form [PDF 366KB] , so we can assess it for you.

Please note: Transport assistance can be given where the distance is less than 3 miles, subject to an assessment of need. You will not qualify if you choose to send your child to a school that is not the nearest. This is unless you meet the criteria for On a low income, are you entitled to transport assistance .

How will transport be provided?

Transport is provided in the least restrictive way and is reviewed on a regular basis.

Transport assistance may be provided in the following ways:

  • Independent travel training ;
  • a bus pass;
  • a walking travel escort;
  • an escort to accompany on public transport;
  • transport from a pick up point (taxi or specialist transport);
  • home to school transport (taxi or specialist transport).


For more details, contact:

  • Username Access and School Planning Team
  • Email info@calderdale.gov.uk
  • Telephone 01422 392749
  • Address
    Adult and Children's services
    Westgate House
    HX1 1PS

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