Children's centres

Two young children playing

Children's centres offer services for children and families, providing early years education and childcare, health services and family support, all under one roof. The warm and welcoming atmosphere provide services that enable families to:

  • Be healthy;
  • Stay safe;
  • Enjoy and achieve;
  • Make a positive contribution;
  • Achieve economic well-being.

The centres act as base for childminder networks and a link to other day care provision, out of school clubs and extended schools. They also have links with local training and education providers, Jobcentre Plus, and the Early Years Learning and Childcare team.

The children's centres in Calderdale are managed by independent providers:

The Council work closely with NHP and HOT, and with all the staff who provide a quality Children's centre and family support service across Calderdale.

The future of Children's Centres service

Consultation opens: Tuesday 29th May 2018

Consultation closes: Tuesday 26th June 2018

Children’s Centre Services survey

PDFInformation about all Calderdale’s Children Centre services [PDF 3133KB]

Our vision is that all children in Calderdale are happy, healthy, safe, and successful and Calderdale is a child-friendly borough and all children in Calderdale will:

  • Start healthy and stay healthy
  • Be safe at home, in school and in the community
  • Enjoy learning and achieve their best
  • Develop social skills and take part in activities

Children’s Centre Services support families from pregnancy until a child reaches five years of age. They work with local midwives, GP’s, health visitors, nurseries and community groups to make sure families get the support they need. Children’s centre services provide early year’s education and childcare, health services and family support.

Calderdale’s Children’s Centre Services are a valued resource for our communities supporting just over 5000 children aged up to five years and their families across the borough.

It is an important service and one that the council wants to protect. In light of the on-going funding cuts from central Government, the council has had to look at how the service is delivered across the borough to ensure it can operate within the budget available, whilst maintaining the most valued services and support.

In 2016, the council carried out a consultation with the people using the services and what support and facilities they most valued. The overwhelming clear message from almost everyone we spoke to was the Children’s Centre Services work really well for lots of families, and people don’t want to see change for change’s sake. They told us Children’s Centre Services are supportive and friendly, provide places where people feel safe and are not judgemental and where families feel there are people they trust

The next step in the process of making the necessary savings whilst maintaining the same standard of service delivery is to look at how and where these valued services should be delivered. We are reviewing the physical buildings and locations used across the borough, many of which are expensive to run and potentially looking at re-locating some services so they are more conveniently situated for families and can delivery more outreach support in local communities.

To do this, we want your views again to ensure we can shape a service that meets the needs of young children and their families. All feedback received will be recorded and fed into the response to the consultation.

For more information please contact Julia Clough, Commissioning Project Coordinator, Calderdale Council by email: or Tel: 01422 392028