Early Education Funding (EEF)

Early Education Funding (EEF) is paid to eligible early years providers. This is for delivering the funded flexible early education entitlement for eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds. New Statutory Guidance was effective from 1st September 2017: Early education and childcare (GOV.uk).

The process for claiming EEF is detailed in the Guidance section, together with the main steps for submitting a headcount claim. The process is also within your Provider Agreement.

What happens?

  1. You submit data, via the online portal, during the Forecast task. This enables us to make your initial 90% estimate payment.
  2. You submit further data via the online portal during the Actual task. This enables us to pay the final 10%, Early years pupil premium (EYPP), Disability access funding (DAF) and deprivation payments.


Title Document
How to become an approved setting providing quality early learning experiences for eligible two, three and four year olds in Calderdale.
Headcount portal user guide.
Headcount checklist for the Forecast and Actual Tasks.
Calendar of the EEF funding periods in Calderdale.
Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP): factsheet for private, voluntary and independent childcare providers.
Making the most of funding for every child in Early Education: a guide for Early Education providers.
Reference guide for using the Assisted Applications portal (two year old funding).
Sample parental declaration forms.
30 hours - the parent journey.


For providers wanting to offer 30 hours of funded childcare from September 2017. The following documents are from the 30 hours conference held in May 2017:

For more help or advice on funding issues relating to the funded early entitlement and the Headcount process, contact:

  • Username Early Years Learning and Childcare Team
  • Email fis@calderdale.gov.uk
  • Address
    Town Hall
    HX1 1TP